Our man Al Horford was selected as a reserve for the 2015 All-Star game. We figured this would be a good time to show his Top 10 plays for the season so far.

You’ll see an impressive dunk that he had against the Chicago Bulls.

You’ll see a big dunk that he had against the Indiana Pacers.

You’ll see Horford reject Greg Monroe of the Detroit Pistons.

One of his best alley hoops was against the Philadelphis Sixers.

I loved the block that he had against the Oklahoma City Thunder and Serge Ibaka. He also had a massive dunk that game when he went around Kendrick Perkins.

When you are 6’10” and can run the floor like Horford can though, there will be a lot of dunks.

So, let’s talk about the Hawks in general as we enter the All-Star break. This team has the best record in the league and they are getting it done in an unusual manner. They don’t have the “star” power like any other teams. There isn’t a single guy on this team that would be in the MVP talk right now.

What Atlanta does have is good players up and down the roster. They have above average guys at each position, who know their roles and like how they fit into the team. During the regular season this style works extremely well.

The key will be what happens when playoff time comes. That is normally when there is plenty of time to rest between games, so the stars eat up a lot of minutes while the second unit doesn’t see as much time on the floor. Will the Hawks be able to handle 40 minutes of LeBron James? I’m interested to see. The odds show they aren’t the favorites.

That style of team has worked very well for the San Antonio Spurs, and the Atlanta Hawks have definitely started to turn themselves into more of a Spurs in the East kind of team.

I think the biggest word for this team is “under-rated”. There isn’t a player on the squad that gets the attention that they deserve. Everyone forgets about Al. Jeff Teague is a top 5 point guard in the Eastern Conference. If you think you can find a better shooter than Kyle Korver then I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. Paul Milsap has been under-rated for his entire career. All that guy does is get boards and score in the low post.

Congrats to Al and the other Hawks players on the All-Star nods. Now let’s finish this season strong and win Atlanta a title!