This site is dedicated to Al Horford.  Originally we put it together to make the case that Al should win the rookie of the year for the 2007-08 season.  The award ended up going to Kevin Durant, who became the first Sonic to win it in franchise history.

Durant was a very good player averaging 20.3 ppg, which was the highest scoring average since the 21 Cameral put up in 2003-04.  He was also the first rookie to lead his team in scoring since 2004-05 season, when our own Josh Childress and Emeka Okafor from the Charlotte Bobcats did it.

It really was Durant’s award to win from the get go.  He might have been taken No. 2 overall behind Greg Oden, but Oden missed the entire season following microfracture knee surgery.

So why did we think Horford deserved the award?  He contributed more than just scoring.  Horford did manage to average 10.1 points per game, but he also grabbed 9.7 rebounds.  He shot 50% from the floor.

The most important thing, he helped his team win!  The Atlanta Hawks are back in the playoffs for the first time in nine years and he played a big part in that.

Durant’s Sonics on the other hand finished with the worst record in the Western Conference at 20-62.  In fact, this was the worst season in franchise history!  he didn’t shoot well at all, 43% overall and a dismal 28.8% from behind the arc.  I know he had to put up a lot of shots because the Sonics didn’t have many options, but that’s terrible.

Bottom line, we felt that Horford was robbed, but we are biased.  We are Hawks fans.  Of course, I would argue it only meant that we watched more Atlanta games than anyone else and we were sucked into looking only at scoring and future potential.

Now, we cover the Atlanta Hawks.  We still love the team.  Still love Al.  And still want to see them bring home an NBA Championship.